Who is Friends Of Krishna Avanti School (FOKAS)?

FOKAS is the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) for Krishna Avanti Primary School. 
We organise social events, fundraise money for the school and we provide a link between parents/carers, staff, children and the local community.

We aim to encourage active involvement of all parents/carers, staff and governors. We take every opportunity to ensure a positive profile in and out of the school environment.

Our events and activities create an opportunity for parents to provide additional resources for the School. Members of the PTA support parents/carers by providing refreshments and themed decorations at many school events, including concerts and sports days. We fundraise in a responsible and ethical manner and support the ethos of the school and the Hindu Vaishnava tradition.

We work very closely with the school's Student Council to ensure that the funds go towards the things that the school and children truly need.

We hope this will encourage sustainable growth of FOKAS and be beneficial to those who matter most - Our children.


Committee Members & Representatives

Executive Committee 2012–2014

Chairman Binay Shah
Co-vice Chairman Roshni Ladva
Secretary Harsha Siyani
Assistant Secretary Kavita Rama
Treasurer Manish Patel

Year Representative Members

Reception 1 Anisha Madha & Keyur Doshi
Reception 2 Neha Mathur, Anjua Shandilya & Manish Patel
Year 1 Harsha Siyani, Binay Shah & Daksha Ruda
Year 2 Bhav Kanbi, Dinta Lakhani & Radha Rupa
Year 3 Kavita Rama
Year 4 Minesh Mavji
Year 5 Roshni Ladva & Manjula Vekaria