Your Questions Answered

Who can join FOKAS?

Anyone who is a parent/carer of a child at Krishna Avanti School!

There are 4 elected positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). Other members make an invaluable contribution by bringing ideas forward, organising events and helping on the day.  Not everyone is required to attend all committee meetings, but they can still get involved.


How does an event come about and how do you make things happen?

Ideas are discussed at our meetings, held as regularly as possible. As a group we decide which items we want to take forward and then the planning to work out the detail begins. Everyone meets regularly to decide on things like publicity, catering, booking venues/entertainment etc. 

Duties and roles are defined in order to ensure that each member knows what is expected of them and whether that person will require additional help at the event itself.

We believe that there are lots of parents/carers in the school who might be able to help with activities in some form and indeed who might have really useful skills to help support FOKAS.


What can I offer?

The important thing with FOKAS is that no one expects you to be an expert on anything! For instance we are always just grateful for a helping hand serving refreshments at events. Some members can not attend meetings – you don’t have to bite off more than you can chew, though people have often surprised themselves when they make things happen they would not have thought possible!


How has PTA fundraising helped the school?

Over the last two years FOKAS has provided the school with funds to purchase necessary equipment for the children's development and items to assist staff.

It is envisaged that the School Council will provide a wish list of items that they require and it would be a goal for FOKAS to try and support them.

I don’t really know any other parents well, and I’m a bit nervous about getting involved.

Don’t worry! Joining FOKAS is a great way of making new friendships and feeling you can make a real contribution to your child’s school. We’re always ready to welcome any offers of help, and you won’t get pushed into doing anything you’re not sure about


How do I get involved?

Send an email to or speak to a member of the FOKAS team. You can also leave your name and a contact number at the school office and one of us will get back in touch with you or you might like to contact us via the link on the FOKAS tab on the KAPS website.